Une Tapisserie Cinématographique 

A cinematic tapestry blending French finesse and American spirit.


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Matthieu, a French cinematographer based in San Francisco, brings a refined European touch to the art of wedding filmmaking. With over two decades of experience, he has created countless cinematic masterpieces, capturing the connection between lovers and those they love. 

Courtesy of Kristine Herman

Courtesy of Kristine Herman

“My films have feelings, and they’re contagious. It’s like you catch something when you watch them and you feel like you’re at the wedding.”

Des Souvenirs Inestimables

Matthieu's passion for storytelling stems from a deep belief in the                                               to evoke emotions and transport viewers to the heart of a narrative. 

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He recognizes the importance of preserving memories for those who cannot be there to witness the celebration in person. Matthieu's films serve as a precious bridge, transporting the absent loved ones to the center of the event, allowing them to share in the joy, laughter, and love that make each wedding unforgettable.



"We never expected to receive a video that not only so beautifully captured our day but captured our sentiments."

“Matthieu not only captured our ‘moments’, he most definitely captivated the viewer to express their emotions as well.”

As a planner, I love that he's a team player whose experience and work behind the scenes helps make the process and the wedding day a smooth one for everyone.

I recommend Matthieu to all my clients!
As a wedding producer, I appreciate how he pays attention to the production schedule, but is fluid and adaptable as changes may arise

Capturing American Weddings in European Destinations         Globally