Matthieu's Philosophy

Préserver la pureté

One of Matthieu’s subtle yet irreplaceable talents is his ability to capture a wedding                  altering its purity. 


It’s the art of seemingly dissolving into the wedding's tapestry. In tune with guest attire and the venue's ambiance he fades behind the lens, capturing authentic moments without an imposing presence. He prioritizes observation over direction, giving emotions and interactions their full freedom of expression.

A Photojournalistic Approach

Matthieu’s cinematography tells an intimate story, without disturbing spontaneity, where viewers become privileged witnesses themselves. Many couples experience camera-shyness, a fact that makes the comfort of the relationship with your photo and video team so paramount. Matthieu’s couples appreciate that he takes the time to explore their preferences and comfort level and adapts his approach based on their unique needs. His discreet professionalism caters to their well-being and his camera is a minimal presence that enhances reality without distorting it.

Seeing Everything from Afar.

Courtesy of Vicki Grafton

Courtesy of Bryan Leahy

Un Partenaire Engagé Pour L'équipe

A Committed Partner 

A wedding's excellence truly rests on the synergy of talents. From proactive communication, to venue scouting, to fostering a cooperative environment among all vendors, Matthieu is a committed partner and thrives on collaboration. Respectful of your space, he avoids any intrusion and harmonizes with the rhythm conducted by the photo team. Their creative union ensures complete and sensitive coverage.

Courtesy of Jenny Quicksall

He left us speechless!

“I've been sitting at my computer trying to find the right words to describe our experience with Matthieu and the beautiful video he created for our wedding...there really are none. Perhaps perfection?”


“I had been feeling so burnt out with my content and literally one session with Athena changed everything.

I'm baby organic authentic skateboard microdosing waistcoat, vinyl sartorial. Bodega boys street art four dollar toast.


Matthieu serves a limited number of clients each year. As such, every relationship begins with a consultation call to ensure a mutually good fit. 

A custom proposal will be provided to each couple or planner upon request.